Microapps – The Future of App Development

A microapp is an application that performs the functionality that a particular employee, department or other user base requires. It’s the opposite of the typical monolithic application that performs lots of different functionality. As the ability to create simple apps becomes easier with No-Code and Low-Code tools so has the popularity of creating microapps.

One of the main advantages of a microapp is that it can be built around a user bases specific requirements rather than taking an off-the-shelf product and trying to shoehorn it to do perform the desired functionality. What used to require lots of expensive development resources can now be performed using No-Code and Low-Code platforms. Bubble and Glide are two examples of No-Code tools that make it easy to build microapps.

The following are some examples of microapps.

  • Workflow Management Tools
  • Employee Onboarding Interfaces
  • Restaurant Menus
  • Feedback Forms
  • Key Performance Information Dashboards

The following are a few tools that can be used for creating micro-apps with the use of code.

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